Get up. Get out. #dailyom

I can’t take that picture out of my head!

It happens most of the time when I don’t see or talk to the #so, a demented situation builds up in my unconscious self and it becomes endless. Yes, I dream about these things.

So different from what I am saying or doing when I am awake.

But hey, I must new day and good morning with positive thoughts, open heart and enthusiasm!

Be Over Soon

Today is Good Friday and today was spent a little unusual for me. Looking back the past years, Holy Week had been spent out of town almost all the time and very little spiritual happenings to remember the death of Christ. This year wasn’t so different.

For people who have jobs, Lent is something to look forward to so they can go out town with family and friends, stay at home and rest up or just be idle. As someone who’ve worked for quite some time now, this is the ONLY time I look forward to having a personal time.

I am only realizing this now - but this is not the time to catch up on business talks, deadlines, agreements and WORK.

If there is something that I should have sacrificed for Lent, that is WORK.

Mind you, I can’t wait for this to be over so I could be “normal” again. But for now, I am ignoring emails and messages regarding work and I’m being lazy.