Having siblings scattered all over the place (Davao and QC) and parent/s too busy to talk to, Sunday family days have been intermittent for a long time already. Some Sundays I’ve spent with friends, the SO and very few times with my ‘real’ family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love family days but family count is running low but still grateful to find comfort in others. 

This weekend was not so different.

Roadtrip, food, playtime, uncle and autie duties to catching up with closest friends, to future plans, to stealing plants, getting allergies together, budgeting dinner, running errands, long walks, discovering new places, and more conversations.

Whatever makes up love and company is family.

End Danger with Pawikan Watchers

Wrote this article years ago for the fundraiser event of Pawikan Watchers and just a few months to go, its coming to life in its first site in La Union!


by Elise Garcia

A few months ago, I was going through photos of friends who visited Guimaras and I was awed by how beautiful the beach is. But, to my surprise, I saw a photo of my friend carrying a sea turtle by the shell. Turns out the sea turtle was being kept there by the locals for tourists…

(Source: savephilippineseas)